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Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
But why can't the Bears run the ball? You guys told us that Cutler's mere presence would vault Chicago's rush offense into the stratosphere. Instead, they are worse.
You guys? Don't put me into the group that say Cutler is the greatest. I think he is a good QB that needs to be coached not to make mistakes. You see what average QBs do when they limit their mistakes. Brett Favre, Jake Plummer, Tony Romo, all of those guys can be great QBs when they aren't trying to make plays that aren't there. Same thing needs to happen with Cutler, he tries to make every play and ends up turning the ball over too much. He is the epitomy of the "No don't, Yes..GO GO GO" type QB. Anyhow, blaming Cutler for that loss seems to me that you are looking for any excuse to justify getting rid of him in the first place. Myself, the excuse isn't Cutler playing well or poorly... it's Orton's success and being 5-0.
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