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Originally Posted by s0phr0syne View Post
I'd say that I'm a pretty big "Cutler nutswinger" as defined by a lot of the people here, but even I'm willing to admit that there might be something about Cutler that makes the players around him worse?

That sounds retarded, I'll admit it, but it just seems like the excuses we had to make for Cutler here (weak defense, no running game, bad OL [during his first year]) are the same ones that are being made to defend the results in Chicago thus far.

Clearly, it's kind of early to say whether this is trend or not (maybe by his third team we'll have enough of a sample size?), but so far Cutler in Chicago has been eerily similar to Cutler in Denver. We'll see if it's just coincidental or not soon enough.
Yeah, the Jay nuthuggers kept telling us to watch Jay now that he has a defense and a quality RB (who will get better because of Jay). Jay swings into town and all of a sudden the Bears run game goes into the ****ter, the OL gets worse even though they added Pace, the defense continues last years downwasrd trend...I thought all the Bears needed was a franchise QB? Either Jay is NOT actually a franchise QB or else franchise QBs aren't all their cracked up to be.
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