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Originally Posted by 12th man View Post
quick question for those people that have done or currently doing that P90X. I just borrowed the dvd set from a friend and just got done doing the first routine. Now, do I do that dvd for the rest of the week, or do I pop in a new one every day?
Depends on which program you want to do - Classics, Lean, or Doubles. I would recommend Classics. You definitely do a different DVD each day, and if you want results - you have to stick with it.

More importantly, your diet has to be in check. Go to a calorie calculator website and compute your daily caloric intake needed for maintenance. If you are doing p90x to lose weight, then you should drop that number 500-750 calories a day to lose 1-1.5 lbs a week. Also, make sure your daily protein intake is 1-1.5g/lb of body-weight. This helps preserve muscle, and protein also makes you feel fuller than eating an equivalent amount of calories in say carbs, so it is easier to keep to a diet.

here is a website that contains the workout programs for p90x. Choose one and stick with it:

I did p90x for 120 days with great results. I'm 6'1" and was 205-210 when I started and after finishing I was down around 185 and ~12% bodyfat. I now just lift weights as I wanted to get bigger and after the program I actually bulked up over the last 8-9 months to 225. Been cutting the past 2 months and am back down to 205, but am at 12% bodyfat again. So hopefully I've put on at least 15-20 lbs of muscle. I'm dropping until I'm sub 8% bodyfat. Then I'll continue to bulk/cut until I reach my goal of being 205 lbs at 6% bodyfat. I figure I have a good 2 years left of hard work.

Beings as when I started 1.5 years ago on this quest and was at 275 lbs at easily 35+ % bodyfat, I have learned that with proper diet and dedication that anything is possible. I've also learned that working out is only roughly 10% of the battle. I would say that proper diet is 40% and dedication to diet and working out/lifting is the other 50%.

Good luck and update us with how things go!
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