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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by HAT View Post
Haha...I meant mine bg. I typed a two word post that was deemed "extremely sexist".

It was clearly personal though b/c I've seen plenty of people insult said Mod with much more derogatory posts and slide.

Bans are retarded anyway for anything short of outright spamming and blatant TOS violations. Everything else is just subjective. People just ghost while banned anyway.

Whatever....that's life on the internetz.

i thought it was funny and SoCal is way senstive right now as he and Blue arent looking too good after 3 weeks. If she wasnt a mod, you probably wouldnt have been banned. Way to politically correct and I wonder if Blue thought it was a comment to ban you on or all on SoCal. How long was it? A full month? Weak. Trust me hat that bans come based on who you are. I got banned for a week for something that was never mentioned previously but when a certain high profile and contributor did the same thing.... nothing. Welcome back!
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