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One other recent read and I wanted to ask a question about it:
Dean Koontz - "Frankenstein" (all three books)
What's the big deal? They weren't bad books, but they were typical Koontz cookie cutter books. The very typical Koontz formula was on display. Man and woman (usually a with a romantic interest between them) and a dog/small child go up against a purely evil really powerful bad guy with no redeeming characteristics whatsoever and defeat him in a big climactic (dare I say apocalyptic) showdown.

Good books, but nothing special. While I enjoy reading Koontz, I do try to limit myself because his books are so very cookie-cutter in their formula.

"FrankenDarkestHusbandFromtheCornerofHisSoleSurvivo r"
This should be the title of his next book.

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