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Wesley Woodyard

Originally Posted by BroncoMcBuff View Post
Hula, I don't know your field or background, but the game of football has career professionals. And they're pretty unanimous on this issue. You might think I have "blinders on," but at least I'm smart enough to trust what the majority of professionals decide, and not pretend my amateur opinion is better than theirs. I'm surprised you disagree.

You can dislike Jay, I totally respect that. But the consensus of the professionals is that Jay is a very good quarterback. In fact, Marino and the whole CBS crew really criticized the trade and Broncos management today.

FYI, I like Aaron Rodgers more than Jay ... can we be friends?
The talking heads also said we'd lose. Those idiots.

Its really hard to tell with Jay, but I am under the impression he's just a few french fries away from being the entire happy meal. I think thats what everyone sees when they watch him. The difference in opinion though is that some of us believe he won't miraculousy get those few extra french fries while other think that he will. This is the worst analogy ever.

The point is Jay almost has it all: Arm Strength, accuracy, pocket awareness, the ability to scramble, the toughness factor of blocking linebackers for his RB/WR.

What he lacks: The ability to not become Mr. Grumpy pants and stand on the sideline alone when his team is struggling; the ability to take full weight of a loss on his shoulders, in which he will continue to lift the team up; the ability to inspire confidence in his fellow team mates in their own abilities; and most importantly in my opinion, the ability to step back from his machismo and make the safe throw or even dump it out of bounds when the WRs are covered.

Last year I predicted wins and losses of the Broncos games from the get-go based on Jays attitude. Now I wasn't always right, but I was often very close. If I saw Jay pre-game talking to team mates, smiling, being involved with others, then I would predict he'd have a good 1st - and he usually would. When I saw Jay slide off to the bench by himself or go stand away from everyone by himself or worse, chew out a WR and then go off by himself, I would automatically change my prediction... Jay may not lose his cool during game play, but he clearly has a mental switch that is either geared to overcoming and succeeding or isolating him from everyone else. This isolation can be seen when he explains losses - it is not his fault if he loses, but he's generous to share wins with his teammates too.

The Dude may continue to mature in Chicago. If he fully mentally develops he will become the next big QB. If he continues to look for the escape hatch in his mind when the fecal matter hits the fan, then we're seeing him as good as he will ever be.
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