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Originally Posted by uplink View Post
Not a cutler fan nowdays but that last int was not his fault the receiver stopped on the route after/during the throw.

On the 2nd int the receiver broke the wrong way not sure who was at fault. The int on the packs goal line was just a great play by Jolly.

So it wasn't that bad for Cutler really. But glad next years draft pick got better tonight. you'll be saying Cutler is a better QB than Orton...OMG!!!

Popps will want to make a wager and then you'll be on his sh1t list...

Oh well...F-it.

I saw only the INT where he threw to a spot...his fault/the receivers fault...whatever. But this anti-Jay **********, will not believe anything that could possibly not be Jay's fault.

Right now, in a heartbeat, I'd take Jay back if we had to give up two #1's.
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