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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by BroncoMcBuff View Post
Hula, I don't know your field or background, but the game of football has career professionals. And they're pretty unanimous on this issue. You might think I have "blinders on," but at least I'm smart enough to trust what the majority of professionals decide, and not pretend my amateur opinion is better than theirs. I'm surprised you disagree.

You can dislike Jay, I totally respect that. But the consensus of the professionals is that Jay is a very good quarterback. In fact, Marino and the whole CBS crew really criticized the trade and Broncos management today.

FYI, I like Aaron Rodgers more than Jay ... can we be friends?
I don't argue that he's a talented QB ... even excellent in spurts. And all the 'experts' simply see the same talent we all do. But msot dont also take into account the other qualities Jay currently lacks that distinguish exciting talent and strong arms from the true elite franchise winners.

That is what I'm talking about. For all of Jay's arm and talent he has yet to show the kind of poise and leadership, on anything like a consistent basis, that the big boy QB have shown.

That is why experts like Tony Dungy and others note Jays athletic arm, moxie and talent but also say he hasn't yet shown the whole package.

He hasn't yet consistently elevate all those around him and inspired better play in crunch time from those around him.

He may well mature and grow into that role and become a stud poised QB.Nut he aint one yet and so this 'franchise QB' business is in name and contracts only.

I would still prefer he was out QB IF, and only IF. he would have fully bought into the program 100%. And I'm not saying he stinks. Only that he has yet to deserve the level of praise he was getting in punch drunk Chicago stuck in their idealization phase.

I suspect the reality dose of today might start to seep in a bit in the windy city. And after a few more rough outings their may even be a little buyers remorse setting in there .. at least when considering the high price they paid all around.

Jay will rebound and have some great games I have no doubt. But when will he show more consistency or will he continue to throw away almost as many games as he saves? (And no problem on being friends :-)
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