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Originally Posted by BroncoMcBuff View Post
Hula, I don't know your field or background, but the game of football has career professionals. And they're pretty unanimous on this issue. You might think I have "blinders on," but at least I'm smart enough to trust what the majority of professionals decide, and not pretend my amateur opinion is better than theirs. I'm surprised you disagree.

You can dislike Jay, I totally respect that. But the consensus of the professionals is that Jay is a very good quarterback. In fact, Marino and the whole CBS crew really criticized the trade and Broncos management today.

FYI, I like Aaron Rodgers more than Jay ... can we be friends?
to what degree do you think the professionals are trying to make good TV and sell more advertising? i think they are over-extending the capability of a QB with 1000% more ability than judgment and composure. and your comment about Rodgers above makes me think we just may agree on this.

Jay makes good TV . . . not a Super Bowl winner; at least not at this time of his career.
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