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Originally Posted by uplink View Post
I wonder does Jay's gunslinger game fit with the Bears who have a strong D?
That's been speculated on by a few around here, that his style might not be a good fit for a ball-control offense.

Then again, his style tonight just sucked.

Overall, very few "gunslinger" QB's have had real success in the league. (Elway, Favre, a couple others.)

Most successful QBs are talented, but heady, instinctual players who have an innate ability to make the best decision at the most crucial time.

Elway happened to be a gunslinger who also had winning intangibles so strong, they could overcome some of the mistakes he'd make taking too many chances.

Right now, that isn't Jay Cutler, and it hasn't been Jay Cutler.

Big Ben doesn't wow anyone with his "cannon" arm, or brag about having a better arm than Bradshaw. He just goes out and guts his way to wins. Sometimes ugly wins with mediocre stats, but wins nonetheless.

The gunslinger thing is highly overrated.
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