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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by BroncoMcBuff View Post
He had a bad night, but he is a franchise quarterback.

You don't like him, fine. But the professionals think otherwise there, Skippy.
You've got such blinders on its amazing McBuff. Cutler has a lot of talent, potential and a powerful arm ... that's the end of it.

But his arrogant pig headed .. hot-headed stubbornness is what will likely prevent him from ever sniffing true greatness as a QB.

Chicago better get use to alternating games of tantalizing hope and crushing heart break.

He could be a great one, but not until his ass gets broken so hard he has to face the music and clean up his act.

Both Denver and Cutler would have benefited from his staying and submitting himself to really learn how to be a successful QB under McD. Now he is likely to die on the vine in Chi-town where QB go to die.

A few more 'clutch' games like this and the Chicago press and fan base will eat him alive!
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