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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
True. I loved the early Animals stuff. I just think they fell for the Siren song of commercialism and the bucks that came with it.
Could be....I still think it was the peace and love hippy stuff that did them in. I brought up The Rascals because the very same thing happened to them. They were masters of mid-60's blue eyed garage soul until they tried to get on board the late 60's hippy train, then disaster ensued. Not to the extent that it crippled The Animals (who were far and away the best neo-blues band to come out in the UK's first wave), but close enough to count.

Some bands adapted to it just fine (Beatles) some tried then abandoned it totally after one album (Rolling Stones) and others just got crushed by it all (Animals, Rascals). When it comes to The Animals, one should get the two indespensible compilations that are available (The Complete Animals & Animalisms for the later stuff before the fall) and avoid everything else just out of respect for the band's legacy.

That's how I see it anyways.
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