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Champ Bailey

I cant quit listening to Sun Kil Moon. Its "Ghosts of the Great Highway" right now.

I'm convinced that "Salvador Sanchez" is the best song ever written about the convergence of boxing, cult of personality, and death. Great handling of a rare subject. Beautiful. Maybe even the best song about sport that I have ever heard.

Salvador Sanchez

"Salvador Sanchez
Arrived and vanished
Only 23 with so much speed
Owning the highway

Mexico City bred so many
but none quite like him
Sweet Warrior,
Pure Magic Matador

Pancho Villa
Would never rest
'Til 1925 he closed his eyes
Until Manilla stars would rise

Gozo of the Philipines
The choirs of angels sing
Ukelele strings play for his legend
?? king

Benny "the Kid" Paret
Came a good way
Climing grey sky to raise his hands
Snuffed by the better man.

Eyes of Los Rios cry for sons
Lost on distant shores
unforseen wars
struck and delivered them

How have they gone?
Fell by leather
So alone
but theyre bound together."

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