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Originally Posted by no-pseudo-fan View Post
My biggest issue with McD is the whole bringing everything NE to Denver. He brings in NE castoffs to Denver. I never liked NE or the way they did things. I understand that NE won lots of games, but the NE way isn't the only way. Trying to be Mini Belicheat is not winning anyone over. Kind of like Increda-Boy, I mean Buddy, I mean Syndrome. The lame knockoff version of a successful product is not what I want my beloved Broncos to become.
Agree with this wholeheartedly. And New England was caught cheating. No one knows the full extent of how much they cheated but it's safe to say that McD was in the middle of it. Even throughout NE's good seasons, Broncos were mostly dominate. I don't trust McD whatsoever. He has a lot of proving to do and it begins next week.
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