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Chris Harris
Default WTF are you complaining about ???

Seriously, wtf are you McD haters complaining about? Shanahan won a single playoff game in the last 10 years and you guys act like he was gods gift to football and that Josh can do nothing right. I loved Shanahan as much as the next guy but once I stepped back and looked at the whole picture, good god, Bowlen was right to fire him. 1 playoff win in a 10 year span is so ridiculously bad it's not even funny. Most other coaches would have been long gone before Mike was let go. Yup, he won a few superbowls very early and I think that's what earned him that precious extra time but I don't see how anybody could say he should have stayed with that kind of drought.

So when Josh comes in here to try to change things up a bit, guys here are acting like we have been a winning team or something and what he's doing is hurting our chances for the future. Oh, you mean like winning a single playoff game in 10 years kinda future? Please, get some F'n perspective of the last 10 years and give it a rest. You're not willing to give Josh a few years before you evaluate him but you were willing to give Mike a 10 year free ride. It's NFL insanity is what it is.
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