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Originally Posted by SouthStndJunkie View Post
Did San Fran get a steal in Nate Davis?

Posted by Mike Florio on September 2, 2009 12:03 PM ET

The obvious import of the 49ers' decision to dump quarterback Damon Huard is that the team believes rookie Nate Davis is ready to play in the NFL.

Coach Mike Singletary raved on Tuesday about the rookie's poise.

"I think Nate came in and he has a composure about him -- sometimes a little too much," Singletary said, per Matt Maiocco of the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat. "That clock is ticking and I'm saying, 'Nate, let's go! Let's go!'" [Editor's note: We wonder if that gives Singletary flashbacks to last year's Monday nighter against the Cardinals.]

Saturday, Davis led the Niners on a 91-yard drive in the final two minutes of a preseason game against the Cowboys, delivering the winning touchdown (and, more importantly, helping the teams avoid an overtime period).

There were real questions regarding Davis' abilities prior to the draft, which fueled a slide some believed would last until round seven, or beyond. But the Niners intervened in round five, and there's already a vague sense that, before too long, he'll be the starter.

While Davis did himself no favors with a sssslow time in the 40-yard dash, it's possible that his free fall was influenced by factors unrelated to his ability. Some think that new Ball State coach Stan Parrish's efforts to persuade Davis to stick around for another year might have caused some scouts to conclude that Davis wasn't ready for the NFL.

Although Parrish publicly said all the right things (contrary to Pete Carroll's handling of the Mark Sanchez situation), one source with knowledge of the situation believes that Parrish's efforts to advance his own career might have indirectly caused some teams to conclude that Davis was the product of a Jeff Tedford-style system that churns out successful college quarterbacks who can't adjust to the next level.

Per the source, Parrish backed off on the notion that he was directly responsible Davis' success after getting an angry phone call from Davis' father.

That said, Parrish's online bio still emphasizes the fact that Parrish "tutored" Davis for three years. In contrast, Pete Carroll's bio makes only generic reference to Carson Palmer, the first overall pick in 2003, and Matt Leinart, the tenth pick in 2006. (Carroll's bio doesn't even mention the fifth overall pick in 2009, Mark Sanchez.)

So keep an eye on Davis. Some think he might end up being the steal of the draft.

And stranger things have indeed happened. After all, Tom Brady was picked a round lower than Davis.
Wow, getting amped up over the final few minutes of a preseason game where the boys had their 3rd string defense in...

If Davis is all that, then Brandstater's performance needs another looking at... Davis might be the "steal of the draft"? Why no love for Brandstater?
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