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Originally Posted by bombay View Post
Oh, another thing. Dickey Betts came through last Friday night and we went. He puts on an excellent show now that he's clean. I will venture that it's a better Allman Brothers show than the Warren Haynes jam band with Greg Allman puts on.
Saw Betts in '89 (around the time that he first discovered Warren Haynes.) Smokin' show!

Dickey was the guy who brought Haynes into the ABB back when the band re-formed in the late 80s.

Warren is a good player, but I liked his ABB predecessor (Dan Toler) more (even though the ABB records that featured Toler weren't the greatest from a songwriting perspective.) I saw that lineup a few times (actually opened a show for them in '82) and I thought Betts' and Toler's styles complimented one another more than Betts/Haynes. Toler got jazzy (in a way that was tasteful and in context) a lot, which appealed to my ears.

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