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Originally Posted by lex View Post
You shouldnt apologize for your steadfast opposition to all things New England. While some are blasting you for it, it also needs to be pointed out that there are those like LLLang and TonyR who are awash with unabashed Patriot worship. A lot of their success has been tainted and many seem to have forgotten this.
Just so we're crystal clear on this...

If you support the new regime -- and by "support" I mean "are willing to give them until the games actually mean something before finding a bus to throw them under -- you're a "Patriot worshiper"?

Is that right?

And you're, what, a freedom fighter for Broncos Nation? Give me a ****ing break.

Just because you're constantly b****ing and moaning doesn't make you better than anyone. It just makes you a b**** who moans.
Nobody puts Jay-bee in the corner.
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