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Broncos FO

Originally Posted by ScottXray View Post


Then we could have the inquisition...Heretics and Lutherans, witch hunts, the whole nine yards....burning at the stake....

And there still wouldn't be Right or Wrong....

just survivors.

Let's get this **** rolling.

I am officially breaking off from Bronco nation. I am creating a schism and splintering into my own denomination, sect, branch...whatever you want to call it. So far I'm going to call it the Defensive Line First Mentality. We here at DLFM believe that the Broncos will only go as far as a good Defense will carry them and, therefore, feel that the Defensive Line should be addressed before any other needs on the team. That means that I will whine/b****/pout/piss/moan whenever any player or coach is brought in that does not immediately improve the D-Line. I have spoken.
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