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I know about iggy. don't use it much cause it disrupts the flow of threads....and anyone that quotes the Iggy'd person leaves you with their comments anyway.

And if a thread starts out right away with something that is of little interest
I just don't read it.

Lately too many threads end up getting jacked by 1-2 or 3 people that want to continue their on-going vendettas or battles. A mention in one thread of something in another brings in the other poster to reply and then you have 2 threads where the same stupid argument is going on. And on and on.

No one cares anymore what the facts long as they can say " I was RIGHT....and I told everyone this would happen."

Oh well. All this hate and venom over a fricking GAME. Thank god football isn't a full fledged religion.....we could then carry some of this crap over into ......


Then we could have the inquisition...Heretics and Lutherans, witch hunts, the whole nine yards....burning at the stake....

And there still wouldn't be Right or Wrong....

just survivors.

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