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Originally Posted by Hogan11 View Post
I'm not sure if it's the continued stress on the vocal cords, the drugs or what. I kinda question the screamer thing though. Lou Reed lost his voice to the point that anytime he raises it out of his Noo Yawk speak vocals, it cracks so painfully that it makes him very hard to listen to and he was never a screamer. For example: The much ballyhooed Live In Italy, I feel, is severely marred by his insistance to yell throughout the album, whereas if he had stuck to his soft spoken singspeak, it would've been the classic live Reed album that most think it is.
Just idle speculation on the screaming thing, I'm sure you're right. It's probably just freakish genetics or whatever that allow a few guys, like Gilmour, Crosby, etc to carry excellent vocal skills into their dotage.

The only time I've seen Lou Reed was at the Farm Aid show in Champaign in 1985. Good, but a very small sample. I'd gladly go see him if he showed up here in Denver, shot voice and all. Legendary.
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