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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by ScottXray View Post
I have to agree with this statement. Feelings have gotten so hot around here
that we have good posters leaving the board for other regions and sites.

Why? Because the constant bickering around here this season IS getting hard to take. And there are lines being crossed that shouldn't be.

Its sad, because we are (most of us ) passionate about being Bronco fans.

And there is no Right , no Wrong position , just different opinions, but many are carrying out increasingly vindictive and objectionable flame wars. It seems like many, if not most, threads end up in personal diatribes between one or two posters. The constant sniping is tiresome.

I don't relish the idea, but maybe its time to tone down the personal attacks with some bans or something, if people keep making personal attacks in threads. On the internet, everyone has too much of a tendency to act like BM..

TJ has never been one to hand out bans lightly, and I can see eventually drives people away if used too often. A middle ground might be needed for a while though.
Differences of opinion exist on all Broncos forums I've visited this year.... it's just a trying time for the Broncos fanbase. And that's not TJ's fault... or any other Bronco forum admin's fault... the chaos begins and ends with the Broncos PTB (powers that be)... and until stability is achieved in the franchise, it won't happen in the fanbase.
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