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Originally Posted by Blueflame View Post
Fine. I apologize for none of my anti-Patriot sentiment. However. I never attacked Montrose for his optimism. In fact, I applaud that and would challenge anyone who said he didn't have a right to express his positive opinions (or told him to leave the Mane for posting them). And I do not believe that he "deserves" to suffer personal attacks because of posting that opinion.

Please show me where I ever claimed to be "impartial"... I didn't. I said I didn't personally attack Montrose.

My stance is that both sides need to show more tolerance of opinions that differ from their own. Personal attacks (like some of them in this quoted post) are not warranted... posters do not "deserve" to be attacked simply because they see things differently. Your earlier post flat-out stated that you believe I "deserved" to have my intelligence questioned and/or be called a "retard" or worse for no other reason than "I expressed an opinion that called into question McDaniels' competence to do the job of an NFL HC"....

Personal attacks are... IMHO... the last resort of a poster who can no longer argue the issues at hand.
You shouldnt apologize for your steadfast opposition to all things New England. While some are blasting you for it, it also needs to be pointed out that there are those like LLLang and TonyR who are awash with unabashed Patriot worship. A lot of their success has been tainted and many seem to have forgotten this.
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