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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by Drek View Post
Please. You've been singing the same song and dance about McDaniels since the day he was hired. Before we moved Cutler, after we traded him, before this **** with Marshall, and you'll be doing it long after that as well.

You've got an axe to grind. You've had it since Bowlen got rid of a guy who was stealing his money and giving half-assed effort (Mike Shanahan) and brought in someone who still had a passion for winning football. Why? Because that guy just so happened to be an assistant in the most successful football organization since the Walsh lead 49ers.

You can try and find excuses but on this you are a one topic voter and you've tried to cast that same ballot so many times that the entire board knows where you stand.

As for Montrose, I doubt he did. You do at least have class when it comes to fellow posters on here. But to then act like somehow speaking ill of our new management is the oppressed view on here? Thats just about the most obtuse thing I've heard on this board in a long time. You feel like that because you run out the same tired arguments every single chance you get, and now pretty much everyone knows what side of the fence you are on.

Blue, you really want to go down that road? I'll start pulling up threads about your Pats hate from when McDaniels first interviewed if you want. Or the multiple threads where you ranted like a lunatic about how he was hijacking our team and turning it into Patriots West.
Fine. I apologize for none of my anti-Patriot sentiment. However. I never attacked Montrose for his optimism. In fact, I applaud that and would challenge anyone who said he didn't have a right to express his positive opinions (or told him to leave the Mane for posting them). And I do not believe that he "deserves" to suffer personal attacks because of posting that opinion.

Maybe you've never had a debate on a forum with someone who actually can remember past what they had for lunch. Me? I happen to have pretty capable powers of recollection. I don't throw people's explicit quotes back in their face or dig up old threads because its impolite and childish. But when you start trying to play the martyr? That level of two faced bull**** deserves it. So just say so. If you really think your posting history can withstand someone digging up old threads and show you to be an impartial judge of this new regime then I'll start providing you some choice quotes you can explain the impartiality thereof.
Please show me where I ever claimed to be "impartial"... I didn't. I said I didn't personally attack Montrose.

In the sense that we can all get swept up in some waves of excitement for a team we enjoy? Sure, no harm there. But when it becomes a punch line in a thread where the guy said he was stepping away from the forum? ****, at least let the people who enjoyed all the hours he spent typing camp reports give him a send off without trying to throw that back in his face.

While the Foneco **** got played out it was always meant in jest. The level of venomous aggression some people level at anyone who shows any excitement or hope for the '09 Broncos is just flat out sickening.

This board has taken a serious step back in the general amount of class and decorum shown to other posters over this off-season. Its disgusting and it makes this place a worthless cesspool no better than what ESPN offers. I don't get that wound up over the Broncos, football, sports, or basically anything in general. But a lack of class and decency towards other people, even (especially?) if done behind the veil of anonymity provided by an internet connection? That just outright disgusts me and takes all humor out of the debate. Montrose is one example of people going overboard with ****. There are dozens of others where people have let what should be a good natured debate come to personal insults and verbal attacks.

In short this board is becoming overrun with two conflicting armies of dickhead zombies and as a result the reason I always came here before (enjoyable football discussion) no longer exists within these confines. I'm honestly about done with it.
My stance is that both sides need to show more tolerance of opinions that differ from their own. Personal attacks (like some of them in this quoted post) are not warranted... posters do not "deserve" to be attacked simply because they see things differently. Your earlier post flat-out stated that you believe I "deserved" to have my intelligence questioned and/or be called a "retard" or worse for no other reason than "I expressed an opinion that called into question McDaniels' competence to do the job of an NFL HC"....

Personal attacks are... IMHO... the last resort of a poster who can no longer argue the issues at hand.
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