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Tim Tebow

I am shocked that anyone finds this surprising. Marshall was very quick to get the meeting contents - including Mr. Bowlen's remark that Brandon could pick what he wanted - on the record. The fact that the team P.R staff then told people not to say that they were happy for Brandon when he was aquitted, and the misdiagnosis of his injury - when a similar misdiagnosis cost Al Wilson his career - makes for a pissed of W.R.

Look anyone can read between the lines the night Darrent was killed to realize that he is cut from the same cloth as Walker, TO and a whole universe of other Wide Receivers who are phenomenally good at self destructing.

But we also have a front office that is insistent on picking a fight. Everyone here would have agreed a month ago that he deserved a contract extension. Now he finds himself sitting on the sideline, just waiting on another McDonald's bag. Gas Leak meet Open Flame.
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