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Ryan Clady

Originally Posted by Blueflame View Post
It's pretty appalling with all the peanut butter references aimed toward Mock, too. He almost died and people now use it as smack toward him. Very unseemly... and on his birthday, no less.
I've had enough.

Its perfectly fine to have conflicting opinions but lately the amount of hostilities on this board have been unbelievable. I left the official Bronco forums seven/eight years ago because the comments there were too laden with pointless threads and personal attacks to warrant any real football related conversation.

Now, this place is worse. And to top it off, the guys at the center of all this are not teenagers like the ones on those forums, you've got guys who've watched football since before I was born acting like kids.

There's some kind of witch hunt going on every time I log on, finding people that think this or think that and then mocking them to drive them off the website. And no ones worried about voicing why they think the way they do, they're just trying to frustrate opposing posters with ****ed up insinuations and crude remarks.

Bronco fans are treating each other worse than they are Chief and Raider fans. At this point its clear that something is messed up, not with the team, not with McDaniels or Marshall, but with the people that post on this board.

Thanks Taco for the great site, I'm sure it will continue to flourish, and I wish all Bronco fans the best.

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