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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
Hell, Montrose made ONE ****ING COMMENT out of exuberance and love of this franchise in which he compared Kyle Orton to Tom Brady in some senses. He was hounded with it in thread after thread and it was treated like a punch line on this forum for a few weeks. Yet somehow those who continue to b**** repeatedly about **** from several months ago are the victims around here?

Because it's funny.

Orton isn't Brady. Orton doesn't look like Brady. Orton doesn't play like Brady. Orton doesn't throw like Brady. Orton isn't Brady.

But to make that comparison because you are so jazzed up about Training Camp starting and getting to see your team That's some homer-tastic enthusiasm. It's endearing and goofy all in one. I'm going to keep doing it whenever the situation comes up because it really is all of us in a nutshell. We all have that moment every year where we believe we can win it all, don't we?

Hey-the D-Line got pressure in the last pre-season game. I know it's pre season but still...maybe this is our year!

It's a pervading phrase, like "Who is John Galt?" that can be used in many ways. To chide each other when we get a bit unrealistic about the team's chances. To sarcastically complain when the team screws up badly. To admit euphoria when something, magically, just goes our way.

You know that TD pass that Orton threw against Seattle. It was pretty good. Right on the money and he made a quick decision in the Red Zone. Orton looked all right. I'm just gonna come out and say it...he looked a little like Tom Brady out there. Just saying...

**** it man. Enjoy the ride. The good and the bad because there will be plenty of bad. Keep your Bronco hat on and keep your sense of humor ready-you're gonna need it.
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