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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
Thats great that you say that, but it takes a round of back and forth from anyone trying to discuss it with you for you to make this statement, yet you willingly chime in at every opportunity when you can assign blame of any sort to McDaniels.

Notice how that comes off as just a tad disingenuous? I mean, ignore the fact that you've publicly stated your hatred for all things Patriots including McDaniels. You claim you believe there was mutual blame in all these situations, yet you perpetually axe grind against only one side and its always the same side.

And you wonder why people jump on you the second you begin doing it in a new thread. People know what to expect at this point Blue. We've heard your song and dance about McDaniels before. We'll hear it again, we're sure of it. Its no different than Rev, Atlas, SoCal, or Buff. The lot of you can generally be pretty good posters, but you absolutely refuse to allow things like perspective and moving on factor in with regards to the new coach. Shanahan is gone. A young guy with a sterling resume from New England has taken over. Get over it or don't be surprised when your posts are met with derision.

Hell, Montrose made ONE ****ING COMMENT out of exuberance and love of this franchise in which he compared Kyle Orton to Tom Brady in some senses. He was hounded with it in thread after thread and it was treated like a punch line on this forum for a few weeks. Yet somehow those who continue to b**** repeatedly about **** from several months ago are the victims around here?
I have no clue what you are saying about Montrose. As perspective goes. I'm a Broncos' fan, but I'm not really a fan of this Broncos' team. So maybe I need to step away for awhile and see if my passion for them comes back. I don't know. To tell you the truth I'm not going to lose any sleep over not watching the Broncos this year. Is that a bad thing, I doubt it. Afterall, it's only football. So maybe the one thing this offseason has done for me it's freed me of my addiction to the Broncos. With that new doors will open I'm sure.
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