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Originally Posted by Broncos4tw View Post
I don't think people think crap through. McD IS an inexperienced HC, how you could spin that any other way boggles the mind. How Cutler went from a QB most loved (the only complaints I heard last year, were his occasional outbursts and finger-pointing after games.. only saw this twice, and he is a young player), to a "complete douche" just amazes me.

Cutler was whiny? Yea, sure was. BMarsh acting like a pissy 12yo that wasn't picked for a game of flag football? Sure. Is there ways of DEALING with players like these? Yea, there is. The NFL is full of egocentric players, get used to it. EVERY TEAM has these players to some degree. The difference on those teams, is they have a fo and a HC that knows how to deal with these players.

I'm sure BMarsh didn't just decide to walk out and act like a jerk for the fun of it. Something goaded him into it. Still not a good decision, obviously, but why did he?

Why so many fans have unabashed love for a HC that hasn't proved a damn thing yet is puzzling. Do you REALLY expect the players to suck his left nut and have the utmost respect for the guy, simply because he has the HC job? You still need to earn the respect. Joining our team and lying out the gate doesn't help. Getting rid of liked players to replace with your own from your old team probably won't build a lot of trust.

Other teams have primadonas, trouble-makers, and immature younger guys. They handle it. We are not. There is a disconnect somewhere.

If we run every player out of town who has any sort of a "me" mentality, or an ego, or acts immature, we are going to suck as bad as the Lions. We need TALENT. Sometimes it come with baggage. He needs to learn to deal with it.
I'm telling you, McKid really knows how to get the most out of his players.
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