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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Blueflame View Post
But... BCJ...isn't it also a valid question why Pro Bowl players don't want to work with/for this inexperienced rookie HC? Or why he seems uninterested in trying to work with them (seems to want all "big names" off the roster)?
Come on blue! Cutler had his feelings hurt and if it was McDaniels wanting a lesser known player (like Cassel), then maybe there is a little truth in it. You would be arguing that McDaniels has more talent with someone raw or new than being able to keep someone like.......hmmmm........ Tom Brady happy and always improve or keep status quo with his talent. Unless I hear Belicheat saying that McDaniels approached him and wanted Brady out to get Cassel in before the injury, then I am with you. As for FC Marshall, what other options did the coach have? FC Marshall brought this on himself and thought he can push his weight around once he was top dog of the team when Cutler got his "wish" to be traded. Seems veterans like Stokely are having no problems with the coach and probably agrees with the suspension. Remember, Stokely is the one that had to stop FC BM from going "Look at me America" with his stupid Obama sign during the national televised game that would have got him fined and/or suspended.
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