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Originally Posted by Blueflame View Post
Yeah, and not so long ago people were saying no team would ever give up anything at all for Jay. And after we got two first-rounders for him, they're still saying the Bears won't raise his salary...ever. You have to wait for the proper timeframe to elapse between "we are not going to trade the player" and "the Denver Broncos announce a trade with 'X' team for the player".... it's deja vu and like the Cutler situation, it's beyond the point of resolution. So we'll lose two of our 3 best offensive players from last season because they do not want to work with this coach/front office.
You're retarded, aren't you?

Level with us. We can take it.

Marshall has never said anything but good things about the organization or the front office. His is STRICTLY about money, he's made mention of this numerous times. And yet you still hang on desperately to this idea that because McDaniels came from the Pats and the Pats are evil, that McDaniels is evil.

It's completely absurd. Retarded. Truthfully.
Nobody puts Jay-bee in the corner.
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