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Originally Posted by watermock View Post
Apologized and said emotions get the best of him (obviously).

This starting to sound exactly like Cutler other than the Broncos know they can't lose 2 probowlers in one season THAT WERE STILL UNDER CONTRACT.

Actually 3, Weigman had to threaten them, but it was only 2 freakin' million.

BM said he was frustrated because, well, he didn't say, but my guess is no contract negotiations AT ALL, despite HE'S NOT EVEN UNDER PROBATION, and granted he's emotional, see the Broncos doing anything there? No.

He's on the scout team, expected to pick up balls. WTF do you think he booted it?

Just because Beavis put him on the depth chart?

He apologized, but at this point, a conditional second is all we will get.
That doesn't mean he won't get a 50 million contract.

why not just wait until after season, he will be a RFA, we tender, if another teams signs they owe us a 1st and 4th right?
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