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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
You guys act like Mike Shanahan never coached a NFL star before. Smith didn't act like this Shanahan was his coach. John Elway didn't act like this Mike Shanahan was his coach. Terrell Davis didn't act like this Mike Shanahan was his coach. The only player I can really think that had a HUGE ego in Denver under Mike was Clinton Portis and his attitude got him traded for Champ Bailey. Mike Shanahan saw the potential problem with Clinton and instead of letting it get to hold out point like Portis was talking about doing he traded his ass for the best CB in the NFL.

Maybe instead of blaming Shanahan for "coddling" players maybe we should step back and thank Mike for keeping things behind close doors and not out in the open like a circus.
Shanahan didn't have to "manage" the personalities of Elway, TD or Smith. They were mature individuals who managed themselves. And I'm not talking about how Mike was during his entire 14 years here. Just the last few. Frankly, I think he was burned out.
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