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Originally Posted by vancejohnson82 View Post
how about coming up with an instance post 2005...

Marshall and Cutler are the prototypical NFL crybabies....I can't wait to get rid of "Baby TO" soon enough

lets get some real football players in here
How Shanahan handled his players shouldn't be questioned. I'm pointing that out. We will never know how this would have played out with Mike here and I doubt the BM thing would have been this bad with Mike here. I'm not saying that McD is handling it wrong either I just think Mike would have found a different way of dealing with it then McD is doing. Its crystal clear that Marshall is dumb for acting like this but at the same time acting like a baby got Cutler what he wanted so I guess you can see why Marshall is trying to do what he is doing.

As for "real football players" this is something that you are going to have to deal with. Moss was a punk and flat out dogged it when he was with the Raiders. In fact Moss got what he wanted out of Minny because of how he was treated then he landed in a **** hole. Lucky for him he got out and grew up, now no one is talking about him being cancer for the team. The thought alone about Denver trying to get Moss before he was a Pat was laughed at on this board because of his actions but I doubt that would be a issue anymore.

I really hope that Marshall bucks up and plays this year. His agent should step in and get him to look at the big picture cause he isn't going anywhere now. As I said before I would rather have two 100 catch WRs this year then one. We just need him to shut up catch the football and stay out of trouble so we can get value for him back.
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