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All this does is PROVE that Marshall is a problem, because of MARSHALL.

The coach (McD) has Nothing to do with BM's behavior, it is all about MONEY and a childish attitude on the part of the player.

He is under contract to play football , and he is violating his contract by not
performing his duties under that contract. In order to try to induce the team to comply with his demands for a new contract (at least some money is due him for PAST behavior ON the field...he IS a great player when he wants to be) or a trade (the TEAM has him under a current contract and does not have to comply) he has been putting on a what , me stupid ACT.

In doing so he is letting down his teammates and the team.

So now he is suspended for the rest of the pre-season. That will hit his pocketbook aa LITTLE. This is the management letting him know that if he doesn't change his behavior they have the ability to suspend him...repeatedly, and take away his pay for THIS year. They really have no other method or choice open to them. I don't see how ANYONE can lay this at the feet of the coach! He is using what forms of dicipline are available to him.

If he had gone up to Marshall and punched him in the face or attacked him in some other way , THAT would be mismanaging.

He didn't call him out in front of anyone else.

He didn't say "you'll get traded".

He didn't say " he doesn't know the playbook." The player did.

He didn't take the issue to the press, despite the press hoping he will.

What the hell has the COACH done that shows mismanagement? The player is the one that is causing all the problems. And despite Bowlen possibly saying he would be traded if that what he wants, if no team offers anything of value how can that be allowed.

Trading him WOULD be mismanagement if we didn't get at least high round draft choices or players of equal impact.

This is ALL on Marshall. The guy just can't see things are of his own making, and he still wants a high dollar contract that would stick it to the Broncos WHEN the league suspends him for any other off field issue. And judging by his behavior he STILL hasn't figured it out.

Some times BAD things happen to good people.

Some times GOOD things happen to BAD people.

Generally, GOOD behavior results in GOOD things happening to you,
and BAD behavior results in the opposite.

If he continues this CHARADE the team should just keep suspending him, until he earns ZERO.
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