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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by BroncoMcBuff View Post
As I've oft-mentioned, Josh has a small-college, top-down authoritative mentality ... probably from growing up with a coach Dad.

Might work in the NFL, I hope it does. But with that approach he wouldn't even make waterboy in the NBA or MLB.

He should be managing personalities and egos, that's the smart move ...bu instead he's looking for selfless conformity, which is just unrealistic with most stars. Some, Brady maybe ... but not most.
I don't buy that at all. He's trying to build a "team" concept. You act as if he just walked in off the street from a high school coaching job. Read his resume. I'm sure he has no problem dealing with "personalities." He just stumbled into a situation where a team had two malfunctioning personalities who also happened to be the stars of the team. Many Americans have forgotten this, but we used to believe in a concept called "personal responsibility." Look at Royal. Rod Smith. The majority of the team. They get it. They are men who play football for a living. Maturity.

Shanahan was coddling some of the personalities on this team. He allowed cliques to develope. People have complained about it for years. McD came in and knew that could not continue if he had any hopes of building a long term winning franchise. I'm sure if it was Spags, Ryan or whoever came in here, they would have realized the same thing. The overwhelming majority of the players had the maturity to adapt to McD's new protocols. Some didn't. Some don't.

It depends on what McD is trying to build: A winning franchise, or a nursery.
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