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Virgil Green

Originally Posted by worm View Post
However, I do think it is fair to question the ownership\FO of the team in any culpability they might have.

1) Did Bowlen promise to trade him with no strings attached in terms of return value?
He doesn't remember.

2) If the F\O did rethink the promise made by Shanny for a new contract, then did they clearly relay the new parameters that would need to be met in order to rework his rookie deal?
We don't know, but I do not understand why Shanny would promise Marshall anything since he refused to re-work a deal for Clinton Portis. Portis was no where near the character risk that Marshall is.

It is commendable that we have a kind-hearted owner who sincerely wants what is best for his employees but he needs to SHUTUP and leave the football business to professionals. I really believe that this firestorm could have been mitigated...or at least reduced if our immature baby of a player wasn't given mixed messages.
Agreed. Bowlen shouldn't make promises that his HC/GM doesn't agree with.

We NEED a real GM.
I may be in the minority, but I don't agree with this yet. Patriots don't have one; Detroit did and it actually hurt them.
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