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Originally Posted by Willynowei View Post
no one is saying that Mcdaniles wants to LOSE, but its been suggested that he could use some additional tact in the manner he deals with all the teams players, not just Cutler and Marshall. Perhaps, those two aren't the only players unhappy with management? Perhaps they are the only ones with the resume to bust loose from the Broncos and still have a job?

Imagine what would happen if Brandon Stokley tried the same? Remember Scheffler and Wiegmen both at times got rowdy, and then fell in line, possibly because their demands were satiated, but more likely because they realized that they lacked the leverage to get out of denver.
This is how I feel about the situation also.

Marshall really has no choice. He can't holdout were money is the issue. You can't deny the man has outplayed his contract in the last few years.
I will agree his off-field issues are a concern but that risk can be written into the contract.

I also agree that video is damning but you can tell he's trying to force Denver's hand. He's trying to leave them no choice. Fact remains that we really don't know much about the situation and how it's been handled in the F.O.

The guy has no trust of the medical staff, the coach or Bowlen .... if his hip went unchecked last year, his coach treats him like a 5 year old and bowlen lied about his contract .... well ... would you be pissed?

Everyone just wants him to show up and play. That's selfish from a fan standpoint ..... if he gets another 100 rec. year then what he gets promised a contract after next year? if he feel injured but they say he's ok should he just keep playing? If his coach tells him to wipe his ass with sandpaper does he have to?

I get the whole team first thing and it's great for the fan .... not for the player.

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