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Originally Posted by Willynowei View Post

Imagine what would happen if Brandon Stokley tried the same? Remember Scheffler and Wiegmen both at times got rowdy, and then fell in line, possibly because their demands were satiated, but more likely because they realized that they lacked the leverage to get out of denver.
Weigmen did act like that... They just decided to give him a new contract. They are paying him more than twice what he made last year.

If Bowlen and McD would have dealt with Marshall with some class it would be settled now. Marshall is in the last year of his contract, that typically is when you sign your star players. Back after marshall was acquitted they should have signed him to a long term contract or they should have told him to be patient and start looking for a trading partner. Instead they do the same thing they did to Cutler and try to strong arm him and force Marshall to bow down like a good slave.

Now they have an unhappy player that they possibly can't get value for.

This is a total mismanagement of the team and seems pretty typical for the post-Shanny era.

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