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Champ Bailey

Originally Posted by bpc View Post
I'd rather prove a point and ruin his career. Just my personal feelings on it.

How much longer do we have on his contract? I'd make him earn every penny of that "feeble" contract over that period of time. Hopefully he gets fed up and throws a temper tantrum. We suspend him. He stays out long enough to beat another fiance'. Goodell puts him down for half the season, hopefully he gets a jail sentence this time.

Honestly, we just need to hit him where he'll feel it... in his pocket book.
Bowlen has made a mockery out of this franchise.

Two of the brightest young stars in the league were here at the end of last season, and they are being replaced by poorly-used and mismanaged assets.

Bowlen is no longer concerned about the quality of the team on the field, but in the bottom line.

Bowlen is now the Donald Sterling of the NFL.
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