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Originally Posted by bpc View Post
I'd rather prove a point and ruin his career. Just my personal feelings on it.

How much longer do we have on his contract? I'd make him earn every penny of that "feeble" contract over that period of time. Hopefully he gets fed up and throws a temper tantrum. We suspend him. He stays out long enough to beat another fiance'. Goodell puts him down for half the season, hopefully he gets a jail sentence this time.

Honestly, we just need to hit him where he'll feel it... in his pocket book.
Boy o Boy look at all the Hate Fest toward Brandon Marshall!

Brandon needs to get the hell out of Denver! He's pissed off the pro-management fans, Bowlen and McDaniel's. These folks don't forgive unless they get what they want. Should Brandon be broken and excepts who's boss, he maybe allowed back into the fold of his masters and gladiator romanistic fans.

Brandon here's some advice:

Stay out of legal trouble off the field. Stay healthy in Denver until your Parole from the Bronco Gulag ends over the next two or three years and you will get your big pay day in another city. Please don't be foolish and play with reckless abandon anymore and increase the wear and tear on your body unnecessarily.

The key to you surviving your imprisonment in Denver is staying healthy and increasing your LONGEVITY!!! Understand beyond any shadow of a doubt the pro management fan base and Bowlen & McDaniel's appreciates little what you have brought to this organization during 07 & 08.

Play smart protect your body, step out of bounds when you can. Make sure you go down with the first tackle; Denver will pay you 4th round money whether one or three players tackle you.

Denver will never pay you what you're worth. And even should they have a change of heart down the road, remember the 09 season how Bowlen and McDaniel's tried to take your dignity and attempted to force you relent to their corporate fascist ways! "Remember to Never Kiss a Rattle Snake on the Lips" such is akin to signing a contract with the post Shanny Denver Broncos.

Time to move on just as soon as Comrade Bowlen and McDaniel's approve your parole.
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