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Originally Posted by Hercules Rockefeller View Post
Yeah, especially with those rumors from a few weeks ago that no one offered more than a 4th. I'm sure after this video went public, teams will just be knocking down Denver's door to up their previous offers.

The guy had too many off-field issues for teams to offer much in the first place, he's nuclear after this video. There's a difference between being angry about your situation and publically dogging it. Brandon Marshall just ensured that he will be a Denver Bronco for 2009, because there isn't a team in the league who is giving up any value from a guy who is one off field **** up from a lengthy suspension and will act like a petulent child if he doesn't get what he wants from management.

And that shows a clear pattern.

'06 is gone.

This is going to be crap.

Even in a crap division.
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