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Originally Posted by Blue McFlame View Post
I think this is exactly what the front office wants you to think. They also "demonized" Cutler via the media. .
Yea, good point Blueflame. Bowlen and McDaniels were out there forcing Brandon to act like a psychotic toddler throwing a tantrum among other adult professionals.

Leave to to you to find a way to jump on this guy's jock. I swear to god, if someone is a ****ing loser, you just can't get enough of them. You just love anything that's detrimental to this team.

Originally Posted by Blue McFlame View Post
Fact: Our offense would be better with Cutler and with Marshall.
Fact: You have no proof of that. Our offense was in the middle of the pack at scoring last year.

That's called an opinion, Blueflame. Learn the difference. At the end of this coming season, we can discuss facts.

I'm sure if Orton leads the team to wins and performs well, you'll hate the guy. No question about that, but at least at that point we can discuss actual "facts."
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