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Default OTL Pete Rose HOF

Ok so the semi-annual Pete Rose re-instatement bit has begun. today on ESPN's Outside the Lines; a story on pete rose's ban from MLB and the possibilities of the ban being lifted and him being allowed to joing the MLB hall of fame. Joe Morgan a longtime friend of Rose who is now the vice pres of the MLB HOF stated that he did not believe that Rose should be given "limited access" to MLB for the purpose of allowing him in the HOF.

This "Limited access" to MLB has been discussed recently by Rose supporters but with Morgan's comments this is yet another dead end for Pete. The central argument remains the fact that it is known that Pete bet baseball and gambling is treated with a zero-tolerence stance by MLB. The fact that Pete waited 14 years to come clean (in 2002 he met w/ MLB's commish and admitted it then) was accepted grudgingly. The fact that he did so publicly two years later to sell books most likely sealed his fate and double locked the gates to Cooperstown for him for good.

I am a supporter of Rose going into the hall. The HOF is the culmination of what a player, manager, announcer or admin has achieved in his/her career. Pete has met the criteria 1000 times over and is celebrated by the very people who deny him access. His sin was serious and tarnished MLB. I understand the why, but another athlete from another sport who may or may not have been a future HOF player, was re-instated after serving time in prison for violent and aborrant crimes...and GAMBLING!!!! So why the double standard? Do you think he should stay out or should he be allowed in?
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