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Gonzo for sure as good or better then Sharpe. But Sharpe was the best in the NFL for many yrs also and could be easily argued he was better. After all what TE has the rings? And Sharpe did it with 2 different teams. In that regard Gonzo wishes he had sharpes career.

As far as bobthequeef knowing a lot about football....well he knows a lot from what you can watch and that's it.

Unless you have experienced how hard it is to cover someone, tackle someone faster then you, you know actually play football you really have no idea.

It's not as easy as it looks and that's just coming from playing football as a kid. Most of us can't even fathom how strong and fast these players are.

Also these coaches know what to look for and what players are supposed to be doing. Most of us only know who is winning and gaining yrds.
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