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Originally Posted by Hogan11 View Post
Oh, so now, because I never saw the band in concert or because I "wasn't there at the time", I cannot make a fair assessment based upon the recorded material left behind?
I didn't say you couldn't make some sort of assessment - I just questioned the basis for your assessment (inasmuch as you stated "that's how I remember it.")

Remember what?

A singer you never even heard in concert during the specified time frame?

How can you really assess the merits of a vocalist from a strong position when you've never even heard him perform live?

If all you have to base your opinion on is three records, then do you really have a complete enough picture of a performing artist?

And what of those three records?

You have yet to point to specific examples or tracks that would make your case.

Originally Posted by Hogan11 View Post
Again, IMHO, His voice and the band as a whole were in decline after the '71 releases.
His voice? No.

The band? Definitely. Frampton's departure marked the beginning of the end of the band insofar as Marriott replaced him with a mediocre, totally generic guitarist with a very limited skill set.

Originally Posted by Hogan11 View Post
Incidently, I do remember the live sides of "Eat It" quite well and it won't do a thing to alter my put it kindly.
OK, if you remember that record "quite well," then you should be able to offer some specifics as to what, in your assessment, was wrong with Marriott's voice?

Pitch problems? Range? Phrasing? Timing?

Examples would help.

In the meantime, listen to that Stones cover I mentioned - it's a powerhouse performance by Marriott.
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