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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by L.A. BRONCOS FAN View Post
It's relevant insofar as you said "that's how I remember it."

In other words, you implied that your assessment of the state of Marriott's voice during the time frame in question was based on direct experience.

(BTW, the time frame actually starts in '71 insofar as your original assertion was that Marriott's voice started going downhill after "Rock On.")

Turns out that the "direct experience" in this case ~= "listened to the post-PF records (10-15 years ago) but never actually saw the band in concert during the aforementioned period."

FWIW, I saw HP live about a half dozen times between '71 and '74, and, although Marriott had a couple of sub-par nights (just like the rest of 'em) I can assure you that his voice was in fine form.
Oh, so now, because I never saw the band in concert or because I "wasn't there at the time", I cannot make a fair assessment based upon the recorded material left behind? C'mon, this stuff, coupled with your insistance upon hammering upon a cronological mistake I made, admitted to and then corrected in saying since the '71 releases (which you've since chose to ignore for conveinece) brings you into Mock-like debating territory. You're better than that, just say "I don't see it that way" and move on.

If you really think Marriott's voice was burned out after "Rock On," then you might want to have a listen to the live version of "Honky Tonk Women" from "Eat It" (1973.) That might be enough to make you to re-think your position (remember - there was no auto-tune or Pro Tools back in those days!)
Again, IMHO, His voice and the band as a whole were in decline after the '71 releases.

Incidently, I do remember the live sides of "Eat It" quite well and it won't do a thing to alter my put it kindly.
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