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Originally Posted by Hogan11 View Post
Well, I suppose I could get in contact with a vocal pedagogist somewhere who could explain what I'm talking about in terms of pitch, tone, octaves or whatever.....
That might help.

Originally Posted by Hogan11 View Post

...but c'mon, you could just hear it the same way you could hear say Jim Morrison's voice go on L.A. Woman or Lou Reed's go on Rock And Roll Heart (the two examples that come immediately to mind) ...and no, I'm not comparing either of them vocally to Marriott, I'm just providing examples of other vocalists whom you can actually hear lose their vocals on record. Smokin' is how I remember hearing it with Marriott anyways, whether you think it happened later on or not is completely up to you.
I'm not denying that his voice deteriorated - I'm just disagreeing with your assessment of when it happened.

If you listen to the three albums HP released after "Rockin' the Fillmore" you can hear (hopefully) that Marriott's voice is still in fine form.
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