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Howard Griffith

Originally Posted by GoBroncos DownUnder View Post
NICE TGN!! Kudos to you for being a Bronco fan/season ticket holder that long brother! Ever tried to count the QB's and/or coaches you have seen since you first got those tickets??
I once sat at the back of the green seats, it was just out of range for the free stuff thrown out by the cheerleaders! It was an AWESOME view though, on about the 35-40yard line!

I'm gonna try my luck with the "Single game tickets" this weekend, see how that goes. Say a prayer for me!
I'd actually like to wait until closer to the game, but with my wife and bro-in-law coming too, ... It's not a very good option this time! (They'd both pull their hair out and cry if I went to "play" the scalper game, like all those years prior!!)
We'll see what happens!
I'd try to get some tix for you this weekend, but as you can see from my other post, I'm going to be tied up with our softball team saturday. 12 teenage girls (13-15). Talk about hormones! YIKES!!!!
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