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Beltre was playing like garbage all year, easily his worst during his time with the Mariners since he signed with the team. Perhaps his thumb is still bothering him, I don't know, but he didn't have the pop in the bat as he used to, and really, never had the kind of pop he demonstrated while he was back in LA before we got him.

I think Franklin is demonstrating the type of player he can be on a daily basis with the Mariners. Around a .300 hitter, with a solid OBP. He's working counts better too, and that's something I like to see. Gillies is the same type of player who is lighting it up in High A right now, and might be MLB ready in two years; it'd be nice to have him as a fixture out there when Ichiro decides to hang them up.

As far as pop-in-the-bat, it's too bad Clement can't be consistent in the MLB, because he shows his ability quite well in Tacoma. Maybe Carp can be that guy in a year, or perhaps Saunders who should be poised to be a regular next season, perhaps a September call-up. Just depends on where the M's are at that time.

I'm frustrated that Raben wasn't able to play this year in the minors (microfracture surgery) and that Triunfel has been on the DL seemingly all year. Almonte is killing the ball, but striking out way too much. Halman has played like ****, and probably has more strikeouts than hits. (Damn close.)

I'm not sure if we'll be acquiring a bat, but we definitely need one. Unfortunately, the guys down in the minors who have power are likely 1-2 years away respectively from becoming contributors to our ball club.

The 2010 and 2011 Mariners will be interesting to see. To end the post, I'm still sad we got rid of Adam Jones. It's just too damn bad it couldn't have been Wlad in the deal. Hopefully Bedard can stay healthy and come around and get about 6-7 wins this second half and make the trade look somewhat respectable.
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